Partners Plus

Ignite your thinking with Partners Plus!  Membership has lots of benefits.  Sell just four resources a month, refer four friends and you could earn more than $400 a year.  It's really that easy to earn an income with MindSpark Partners.  See all the other advantages listed below.  So, gear up and partner now!

Partner Partners Plus
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Earn Royalties on Resources Sold Payment of 80% of sales
(less .30 transaction fee)
Sell “Higher Level Thinking/Workforce Ready” Resources
Browse Quality Controlled Resources Vetted for Higher Level Thinking
Buy "Higher Level Thinking/Workforce Ready" Resources
Access to Higher Level Thinking Assessment Tool
Access to Higher Level Thinking Conversion and Alignment Tool
Align current resources to common core standards - "spark to be lit soon"
Purchase modules to fill your common core standard gaps - "spark to be lit soon"
Access to Professional Development Resources
Receive a Complementary Time Management App - "spark to be lit soon"
Special Promotional Offers
Marketing Support & Financial Tracking - "spark to be lit soon"
Refer Friend$
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