The Thinkers

Who We Are

What do a scientist, marketer and an academic/corporate educator have in common? MindSpark Partners!  These three principles came together and created the MindSpark Partners concept. Ignited by a passion for advancing the opportunities of higher level learning the partners began to explore ways for educators to share information with one another to create worldwide learning opportunities.  After supporting evidence was gathered revealing a significant gap in critical thinking skills among college graduates and workforce new hires; ideas on how to address the gap were evaluated among business executives, teachers and school administrators. 

From the start, MindSpark Partners was committed to a direction that would provide a service to support teachers in today’s classrooms and not add to their current overloaded job expectations.

It’s your time to be a part of this active learning opportunity.  We’re excited to have you on our team!

Our Mission

The goal of MindSpark Partners is to provide high performing educators an exchange of premier higher level learning original resources that are instructor designed, classroom ready, screened for impact and assessed to support workforce needs.

Using a proprietary screening process every resource available through MindSpark Partners will be vetted by a panel of educators and business professionals.  This will ensure higher level learning is embedded in the instruction. 

Unlike other places educational resources may be purchased, MindSpark Partners assesses every resource so you’ll receive valuable resources from high performers in your profession.  In addition, the materials also align to the need of those outside your profession who will hire your students in the future.  Your expertise, alongside the experience of workforce professionals, allows us to create new knowledge, analysis and synthesis and ultimately helps close the gap one student, one classroom, one community at a time.

Our Vision

MindSpark Partners helps educators perform at a higher learning level. By linking educators to other high performing educators and sometimes business experts the infusion of workforce ready critical skills in the classroom becomes a reality.  Through the teacher exchange an opportunity for world-wide professional learning is available to close the gap between education and workforce needs.

Our Values

At MindSpark Partners we believe our role is to serve our customers.  We believe through relationships and connections of educators and workforce experts we can offer an approach to higher level learning that will drive future behavior and learning in our youth. By infusing workforce ready critical skills into classrooms we believe, along with our business partners, that we have a greater opportunity to focus our future workforce to become more prepared global citizens and achieve greater productivity.

Our values are:

  • to offer educational tools and techniques that build higher level learning opportunities,
  • to provide a quality control assessment on all resources.  Highlighting only effective, active learning resources that ultimately align to workforce ready critical skills essential for success,
  • to support our customers with methodologies that allow a conversion of resources in order to meet higher level learning objectives,
  • to assist in the connections of people, information and opportunities that allow high performers, teams and leaders the chance to build on and challenge their own knowledge and thinking patterns,
  • to listen to our customers and continue to grow in our thinking and MindSpark Partners offerings and services.