FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What types of resources can I sell on MindSpark Partners website?

A:  Any resources that are original by design or do not infringe on copyright laws are considered to be sellable on MindSpark Partners.  Sometimes our sellers have used a resource many times and have made adaptions, enhancements, or other changes that allows the resource to be an original product.  We recommend you consult the resources original copyright information.

Q:  Who can buy resources from MindSpark Partners?

A:  Anyone 18 years or older can purchase items from MindSpark Partners once they have created an account.

Q:  Who can sell resources on MindSpark Partners?

A:  Our exchange was created in order to begin to close the gap, identified through research sources, between academics and the workforce.  Once you become a Partners Plus member you can begin selling on our exchange.  We welcome original educational resources that foster higher level learning from anyone 18 years or older. If you're a teacher, administrator, counselor, special services educator, tutor, leader for a troop, leader for a pack, home school educator, teaching assistant, curriculum creator, professor, parent, student or someone with resource development experience and has or is providing educational development and resources for others our exchange is for you.

Q:  How do I sell my resources on MindSpark Partners and what do I earn?

A:  In order to sell your resources you will need to become a Partners Plus member.  Once a member you can sell as many resources, as many times as you like.  Each time you sell a resource you earn 80% of the sale less the transaction fee.  MindSpark Partners pays on a variable pay structure.  All products are initially pre-priced based on a market value determined by MindSpark Partners.  Once you begin selling products the market price varies based on product demand and reviews.  

Q:  What is an automated proprietary assessment tool?

A:  In order for a resource to be sold as part of MindSpark Partners a series of assessment questions will be asked about the resource.  Based on a proprietary algorithm your answers will identify your resource as one that supports higher level learning or one that needs enhancements in order to prepare students for higher level thinking.

Q:  What does it mean that a panel of educators and workforce professionals will conduct a conversion?

A:  If, after being assessed, your resource is identified as one that needs enhancements you can choose to have your resource converted (enhanced).  Following the conversion you can also sell the resource on our website.  The conversion process is available only to Partners Plus members and begins once you've given us the "go ahead".  At that time, MindSpark Partners will enlist a panel of professionals from the education sector and applicable workforce sector to review the resource.  They will incorporate higher level learning and/or critical skills essential for success.  Once the enhancements have been made your resource will be ready to sell and earn you cash.

Q.  What does it mean that a panel of educators conduct an alignment?

A: Beginning in the fall of 2013 many states will be looking to include Common Core Standards into their current or newly developed curriculums.  MindSpark Partners has access to exceptional educators who have experience in creating premier resources. They will partner with us to create common core modules that can be inserted into teaching resources to address common core standards needs.  The alignment process is available only to Partners Plus members and can be requested for any original resource once the resource has passed the assessment process.  Once the panel has reviewed and aligned your resource it will be returned to you for use in your classroom.  

Q.  What makes MindSpark Partners different from other sites where I can purchase educational resources?

A:  Unlike other places where educational resources may be purchased, MindSpark Partners assesses every original resource before it is placed for sale on our site.  So, you'll receive valuable resources from high performers in your profession.  In addition, the materials also align to the needs of those outside your profession who will hire your students in the future.  Your expertise, alongside the experience of workforce professionals, allows us to create new knowledge, analysis and synthesis and ultimately helps close the gap one student, one classroom, one community at a time.

Q.  What is Refer Friend$?

A.  After you have become a Partners Plus member you will receive a "referral" link.  You can start using the link that very same day.  Just load your friends email addresses into the template provided (see Refer Friend$ tab; Invite Now at bottom of page), insert your referral link and send.  When your friend receives the email they click on the referral link which will take them to the MindSpark Partners site and once they become a member and upload a resource identifies them as your friend.  You've now earned yourself $5.  You Partner with us.  Refer a Friend encouraging them to join and upload a resource.  We do the rest!

Q.  Why should I care about higher level learning or the critical skills essential for success?

A:  Recent surveys report that 17.4% of 4-year college graduates are deficiently prepared.  In 2008 the Conference Board then recommended that for a better prepared workforce, businesses were going to need to find ways to foster strategic partnerships with schools and colleges and aim their endeavors at improving workforce readiness skills.  The study showed there are critical skills necessary to perform a job to the highest performance level.  Many of these skills are where gaps exist. One of the most common explanations for skill gaps is the gap between academia and the workforce.  Without a change in how education incorporates higher level thinking and the critical skills essential for success research suggests we'll continue to see: reduced productivity, diminished employee performance, low moral, rising workforce costs, reduced customer service, lower financial results and an overall negative impact to services in the workforce environment.