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Because critical thinking is not an innate ability it is often compared to the scientific method; it is a systematic and procedural approach to the process of thinking. (Scriven & Paul, 2007)

We are dedicated to providing you the resources you need to move your students to a higher learning level and workforce ready system.  Meeting the requirements of your standardized curricula and a focus on test scores can impede your ability to address critical thinking skills in the classroom. Utilizing Bloom's Taxonomy as well as Common Core Standards, 21st Century Skills and the ability to support critical skills essential for success, you are not only providing an opportunity for students to understand their thinking, you are creating a more prepared, more collaborative member of our future global society.

By definition heuristic teaching methods encourage students to “learn, discover, understand, or solve problems on their own by experimenting & evaluating possible answers or solutions, or by trial and error." (, 2007, p.1).  Students who used heuristic techniques to solve problems consistently scored higher on content-based assessments than students who learn by traditional textbook and lecture methods. Therefore, instructional strategies that employ students' higher-order thinking skills lead to improved critical thinking skills.  Graded assignments, quizzes and tests should become intellectual challenges rather than memory recall.  Traditional instructional methods use too many facts and not enough conceptualization; too much memorizing and not enough thinking.  Students must learn how to think critically before they can apply the skill to content scenarios.

Let MindSpark Partners collaborate with you to spark critical skills essential for success and higher level learning.