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How can you help your students understand leadership and management?

Leadership becomes the behaviors, skills and abilities that brings forth something that previously did not exist; a creation of something.

In our current communities, leaders and managers have been described as individuals possessing similar skills and abilities.  However, if you look at organizations as learning organizations with the ability to create dramatic advances in productivity then there is a clear distinction between a leader and manager.  Leadership becomes the behaviors, skills and abilities that bring forth something that previously did not exist; a creation of something.   Management means the actual act of managing for today; the fixing of problems.  Both can be found at all levels in an organization.  Both are important in order to achieve business objectives and goals. 

In order to sustain a learning organization for the 21st century, leaders must understand their organizations as systems.  For a leader to perform in a system dynamic organization they must have the ability to provide a shared vision created through collaboration of many and shared by groups of people who have the same aspirations.  Management in a system dynamic organization creates opportunities for managing of people through a system of processes.


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What about creating teams to solve problems?  What if each member of the team was assigned a role:  leader, manager, team member?  How will they work together to reach their objectives?  How will they gather their information?  Whose point of view will they follow when determining next steps?  When resistance on how to proceed exists how will they determine to move forward?  How will they know the difference between leading, managing and following?   What will be the evaluation tool to determine if the team was successful?  Other than reaching their objective how will you measure the leader, managers, team effectiveness?  Could character traits be valuable in evaluating success?