ignite thought

There are a number of sites available for you to purchase or sell original teaching resources, but none like MindSpark Partners.  MindSpark Partners' focus is on higher level learning.  All resources available from our "teachers' exchange" go through a proprietary automated assessment and/or conversion process.  This provides you with dynamic learning resources that are just in time, easy to access, use & share.

At MindSpark Partners, we understand the challenges that face educators today and the long term impact it has for business leaders of tomorrow.

Through our partnerships with teachers and business leaders we know there is a need in our future for critical thinkers.  But how can teachers balance the curriculum and test requirements of their state and district while moving students toward critical thinking?  How is it possible to do it all in one day of learning?

At MindSpark Partners we understand the challenges that educators face today and the long term impact it has for business leaders of tomorrow.  So, we have created a way for you to meet and exceed those challenges.  You can meet your individual classroom requirements and change the future for students today by:

  • sharing your higher level learning original resources with your peers just in time through our teacher exchange,
  • assessing your own resources to see if they are meeting a higher level learning standard through our on-line assessment tool,
  • converting your methods and tools to meet the higher levels of learning and critical skills essential for success through our panel of educators and business executives and
  • aligning to 21st Century Skills, Common Core Standards and Critical Skills Essential for Success through our guided applications and alignment tool.