Diversity and Inclusion

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How can you help your students understand diversity and inclusion? 


...there is an awareness that inclusion comes from not only a feeling of beloning, but an ability to share individual perceptions....

To be a part of a successful organization means capturing the essence of belonging.  Early on, the thought of diversity created a focus on race, gender, age or other factors relating to individuality.  However, through time, there is an awareness that inclusion comes from not only a feeling of belonging, but an ability to share individual perceptions, thoughts, perspectives, character and critical thinking.  There can be comfort in doing things the way they’ve always been done.   However, process improvements are most often realized through inclusion of cultures, expressions, abilities and other knowledge creating market advancements.

Because inclusion has become the focus of diversity work it is even more important to understand the quality of the employees’ experience in the workplace.  The best approach for creating an environment that is inclusive is to look at the organization as a system and to understand how the policies, practices and procedures support the organizational climate.  Through an effective approach to inclusion an organization will see equitable access and benefits to all employees and the ability to reach organizational goals.


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When delivering classroom material how are students’ knowledge, beliefs and attitudes about the topic challenged?  How are students allowed to explore stereotypes or conventional wisdom?  When offering ideas are students aware of how they are expressing their ideas?  What traits do they exhibit in the classroom, in the halls and when no one is looking?  What types of environmental factors impact how they see science, math, social studies and language arts?  How can different perspectives be encouraged, shared and explored?