Customer Orientation

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How can you help your students understand customer orientation?

A successful organization will establish a solid understanding of the customer.

In order for an organization to present a customer orientation they must be focused on determining the perceptions, needs and wants of their target markets.  A successful organization will establish a solid understanding of the customer.  Then, a customer-oriented company will develop their strategy to satisfy their customer through design, communication, pricing and delivery of their products.  Although many organizations think of their customer orientation with an external focus it is just as important to remember there are internal customer as well.

So how do you focus on external and internal customer needs at the same time and still reach your overall objectives?  Best practices suggest that an integrated & multidisciplinary model can serve external and internal customers.   Customer orientation can be achieved through a focus on strategic marketing, quality advancements, culture awareness, organizational development and strategic planning.  Leadership and commitment will prove to be an important critical skill in achieving customer orientation success.


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Are there opportunities to create a “marketing campaign” to understand how we use energy?  During election season how could your students participate in understanding the candidates and how they relate to the voters?  When solving for work problems in math how could pricing models be explored to support customer orientation?  Who are your students' customers and in what form do they communicate with them?  Are there opportunities for students to understand the difference between what they think their customer wants vs. a need analysis determining what the customer wants?