Critical Skills Essential for Success

Why are the Critical Skills for Success Important?

Workforce professionals are looking to the academic system to help them fill the workforce gaps before students become employees. Preparing students from kindergarten through post secondary education, with the ability to perform at the higher levels of learning and think in a critical way, requires broad and specific knowledge in instruction design and implementation. 

Through deliberate probing, the ability to raise learning to the higher levels and instill critical thinking skills becomes a reality.  In addition, by reaching for the higher levels of learning many of the gaps being identified by those in the workforce can be addressed. 

But how and where do you start?  With MindSpark Partners you can utilize the Critical Skills Essential for Success to learn more about the workforce skills and how they apply in the classroom. You may already be building them in your instructional resources and not even know it.  The art of instructional design relies on using your expertise, answering questions of critical thinking and infusing your students with experiences they’ll use throughout their lifetime! 

So what does this mean to educators?  In “Critical Thinking Organization; the Art of Redesigning Instruction” a series of questions to probe for critical thinking development should be asked:

  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • What problem or problems do I have to solve?
  • What information do I need and where can I get it?
  • What conclusion or conclusions shall I come to?
  • What do I base those conclusions on?
  • What am I taking for granted?  Should I?
  • What is implied in my reasoning?  To what consequences do they lead?
  • From what point of view am I reasoning?  Do I need to consider another?‚Äč

With critical thinking development the need to be able to define crticial thinking is present. We believe the simplest definition to critical thinking is careful, skillful, thinking in which one would actively search and study the problem from multiple angles and with deliberation, come to a conclusion.

To be educated is the ability to apply knowledge based on what has been learned.  It’s not enough to just memorize a list of terms and facts.  The real thinking comes with engagement in analyzing, evaluating, inferring, deducting and self-improvement.

Your resources along with the essential critical skills create success.  So get into gear with MindSpark today!