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Because we know you are busy…our website brings it all to you!  We make it easy for you to access resources and tools.   We can help you learn about effective ways to manage your academic environments and instill higher level learning.



It's All at Your Fingertips with MindSpark Partners!

The focus of EduSource is to assist you in meeting the challenges you face everyday.  Whether it be in understanding the fundamental levels of educational design, the inclusion of 21st Century Skills or how higher level learning can be integrated into your curriculum.  We have what you need and all in one location.

Through MindSpark Partners’ EduSource you’ll find:

  • Critical Skills Essential for Success
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Common Core Standards
  • Educational Resources

So manage your time, condense your efforts and enhance your ability to meet the needs of today’s students.  We’re here to exchange and support igniting thought.

MindSpark Partners provides an exchange to buy, sell, assess, convert and align original educational resources.  We also provide a platform that connects workforce acumen to the classroom, connection to your peers and information regarding “tools of the trade.”