Need to align your resources to the Common Core Standards?  Are you pressed for time?  Let us do the work for you.

Once your original resource has passed the assessment process, Partners Plus members can benefit from this "one of a kind" fee based alignment tool.  A panel consisting of educators will align your high level learning resource to common core standards.  They will identify any potential gaps between your resource and the common core standards and recommend modules for purchase from our site. Let us align your original resource to the common core standards while you focus on teaching. 



Align:  Partners Plus members can take advantage of this unique alignment tool once your original resource has passed the assessment process! Begin by having your resource assessed then choose "Get Started Now" at the bottom of this page to align your pre-approved resource.



Upload:  Upload your assessed and approved original resource for alignment so the MindSpark panel can begin the alignment process.



Review:  Once your original resource is aligned we will let you know where gaps exist. We will direct you to products/modules available on MindSpark Partners that can fill the gaps.  Or, for a fee, we can create content that is specific to your resource and help you mind the gap!

Spark will be lit soon!