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Take Learning to the Next Level

We make it easy and time efficient for all educators. Using your tools of the trade, i.e. Common Core Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy, we provide an exchange of peer produced original teaching resources. Engage students at a higher level.

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Spark Student Success

Imagine a classroom where student achievement is reached through active learning. Generate confidence in your students and their ability to apply reasoning and assessment to any content area.

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Beyond the Classroom

Documented studies show skill gaps exist from education to the workforce; having wide spread implication on companies' productivity. Collaborating with business leaders, MindSpark Partners links classroom learning with workplace expectations.

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You're " a+ " with MindSpark Partners

Step up to Partners Plus. A great opportunity for educators to earn cash, have access to discounts, utilize team development tools, benefit from common core alignment services and reimburse yourself through our "refer friend$" program.   All so you can deliver an engaged learning experience.

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A Quick

What is MindSpark Partners! 21st Century Skills in Action: Critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving in the classroom Prepare for the New Global Economy

Common Core Standards

Common core standards are about to become center stage.  Moving classrooms to higher level thinking happens through the use of higher level learning and common core standards.  We'll help you align your current resources to common core standards!

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